What Is This?

Continue Watching is the result of the countless hours we have spent analysing and over-analysing every TV show we have ever watched. Years of being deeply non-casual TV watchers have given us the following superpowers:

  1. Being able to recommend a show that you will love to 97% accuracy

  2. Being able to predict whether the other one will love a show to 100% accuracy

  3. Being able to project our feelings on and relate to any show we’re currently watching

  4. Being able to binge-watch without losing our mind

  5. Being able to care intensely and sometimes scarily about fictional characters

  6. Being able to use what we’re watching to make sense of the mad, mad world around us 

  7. Being able to write about TV with empathy, humour, and self-proclaimed expertise

Join us as we write, obsess, understand, recommend and make sense of this glorious age of Peak TV. Or as our parents would call it, “waste our lives in front of the TV”. There are too many shows and never enough time, plus we have full time jobs that need our attention and energy all day every day, so this is a bimonthly newsletter that will feature both of our writings about shows we’re watching, rewatching or planning to watch. 

If you want a recommendation, regardless of how specific your request is, write to us. If you agree or disagree with our opinions, if you want to challenge us to a binge-watching contest, or if you want to just generally chat with us, email us at continuewatchingwithKS@gmail.com

Who Are We?

Kashika Saxena is a writer and editor. Her all-time favourite shows are Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. And Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Watching Hindi daily soaps is not her guilty pleasure, it’s a straight-up pleasure. She has watched one European show (SKAM) in eight languages and had the same visceral reactions every single time. She also loves reading fiction and sleeping but often sacrifices the former for the latter. 

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Shahana Yasmin has wanted to be many things throughout her life—and they’ve usually been connected to what she’s been watching at the time. Those who know her well have joked that it is her life’s ambition to watch every period show ever made, and reader, it is. She loves writing and sleeping, which wouldn’t be obvious considering how good she is at avoiding both.

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